Thursday, December 8, 2011

Recent Favorite Vintage Find - Coral Dress

Coral Vintage Dress
Recent favorite vintage find, thanks to Miss ChicMcMuffin!
Love the color, the pattern, the puffy sleeves, the white collar...

Coral Vintage Dress
...and how it fits me perfectly!

Dress + belt + boots and I'm good to go.
My go-to lazy combo :D

Vintage dress, H&M belt, unbranded glasses, Steve Madden boots


mochaccinoland said...

OHMY!! This dress is soooooo beautiful!! MEGA LOVESSSSSSSSS!!! I definitely need to peel my lazy butt away from my couch & start hunting for treasures!

Sue said...

hi, very lovely dress...may i know where do u get such lovely thrift in HKG..i m going to HKG in January..thanks

Ashley said...

perfecto :) I love the color so much!

eek said...

What a gorgeous color on you! I love the booties too.

P.S. I have given you the Liebster blog award (although I am not sure how many followers you have ;))