Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ultra Festive Vintage Sweater & Some Holiday Outfits

vintage festive sweater
My favorite outfit during the holidays! Look at my vintage sweater. So festiveeee!

vintage festive sweater
And I love this el cheapo hat that I bought for SC, which is a not-so-secret code for "I bought it for myself". Heheheh.

Another fantastic thing, my perpetual bad hair day is slowly leaving me. Bye byeeeee, I won't miss you at all! Don't ever come back!

Here are some lazy outfits from the holidays...mostly of baby M, because mama & papa didn't change out of pajamas & chunky sweater....
Uniqlo Fleece Jacket, SSP wool turtleneck
SC in old Uniqlo fleece jacket & adidas stretchy pants; baby M in el cheapo but super soft and cute turtleneck sweater from Sham Shui Po, fluffy pants and leggings and socks (grandma always insists that we don't make baby M wear enough clothes heheheh).

H&M hat & grandpa cardigan
Baby M in H&M hat and grandpa cardi.

Bunny Hoodie
Baby M in H&M baby girl hoodies with cute bunny ears.

Now make me jealous with all your glamorous holiday outfits...I have a box of tissues to wipe my tears at the ready :D


mochaccinoland said...

Baby M looks ultra cute in that H&M hat! That hat u got for SC looks really really really similar to the one I bought a few days ago at harujuku!!!

LyddieGal said...

the tassels on that sweater are just so over the top!
I love marcus in the bunny hoodie - too cute!

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