Monday, August 11, 2008

Gay is the New Black

Preparing for the Olympics, Hong Kong changed the look of its rubbish bins (they used to be dark blue and scattered all over the city, competing with the increasing number of 7-11 and circle K outlets at every road corner). The new bins are bright orange, they are sights to make your eyes sore (imagine having stared at your computer monitors non stop at work, and now you are confronted by this bright orange thingy).

One thing for sure, the new bins are hard to miss, which will probably help with people who always throw rubbish everywhere they please despite the HK$1500 fine and the fact that there's a bin about 3 footsteps away (hate those people). A friend's conspiracy theory says that these new bins are made of harder metals inside out, and it will help containing nails of homemade bombs, in case of terrorist attacks (shudder shudder).

But someone else apparently had another opinion. Notice the message posted on the bin?

Interesting. Why gay? Does orange mean gay? Does shiny mean gay? Does new mean gay? and how can we make it gay enough? How about painting them shocking pink? Oh, I guess that will just make it more blond or more Paris Hiltony? Cos we'd love some gay rubbish bins...they do our hair and design our clothes better :p

I think these orange ones are just metro

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