Monday, August 25, 2008

Typhoon Nuri passed through Hong Kong last Friday (22 Aug 2008), typhoon signal 9 was hoisted. This was the third typhoon to affect Hong Kong this summer. Heck! that's frequent. Based on my previous experiences, Hong Kong typhoon was just another fun day off work, where I could go for a mad karaoke session with friends or having a lazy day at home.

Last Friday was different. Everything started with my workmates' speculations on weather forecasts. Everybody was excited to have another day off, and they were all busy thinking of what to do when the typhoon's here, and they were all praying hard for the typhoon to happen.

I don't wanna be a hypocrite. I do enjoy the day off ;) But the thought of those in the Philippines who had been affected by typhoon Nuri before it hit Hong Kong...that makes me feel guilty for hoping.

This time I got to witness how dangerous the typhoon was. Hong Kong, the city of light, is full of neon signage boards as well as scaffoldings of high rise construction works, practically everywhere! Even a wander around the neigborhood could kill. I realised that when I saw a couple of banners being blown off near my flat. Those banners have metal skeleton and if it whacked someone on the head, it would instantly kill them. Luckily the emergency unit acted quickly and removed them within minutes.

However, when your time is up, your time is up. There were a couple who got hurt simply staying home as a scaffolding from a nearby building hit their home. What an unfortunate incident!

Some others were simply looking for trouble as they went out to the water fronts and watched the typhoon, bringing their children (!!!) and putting themselves at risk!!! Some surfers went to Big Wave Bay...and one was missing. Call me a piece of chicken shit, or maybe I am just old. These days, I chose to stay as "safe" as possible by staying at home, cooking and eating my way to obesity (hehehe)

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