Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Golden Beach

I said I dislike going to the beach. But what a girl could do seeing such a bright beautiful day? So I hopped onto a bus...to the beach! Yay!

The beautiful Tsing Ma bridge we were passing on our way to the beach

Who doesn't love a little sweet message?

Loving the view from the Gold Coast weekend market

A pair of huge shades = essential!

Talk about shopping with a view

All the beach paraphernalia. I am loving the green transparent crocs

Shop for unique one of a kind knick knacks at reasonable prices

This place isn't just your average Mong Kok shopping street. Digging the mozaic clocks

Can't wait to go to the beach

Go! Go! Go!

Hunky lifeguards and a sweet boyfriend slathering lotion on his girl's back

My beach essentials: shades, bottle of cold water, reading material, sun block (minty fresh, spf 30 minimum)

Inside my cinnamoroll make up pouch: refreshing eye drops, lil comb, translucent compact (Maybelline), tinted lip balm (lip ice mentholatum), eye liner (cyber colors, gray brown, retractable), hair bands, safety pins (just in case, you obviously haven't experienced ripped off skirt or top? hehe)

Kids just love the water!

Look at that adorable pink little Hello Kitty bucket?

Yes! In Hong Kong, it is not a surprise that it belongs to a couple of boys!

Throughout my stay at the beach, I just sat under a huge tree, trying to read and failed miserably as I kept getting distracted by hot bodies hehe, and didn't even touch the water. But still, I had a lot of fun! and anything taste better at the beach hehe, I had McD meal and it couldn't taste yummier!

Now I'll need a year to recover from this unevenly tanned skin ;)

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