Thursday, March 26, 2009

Black T & Flowy Skirt - Mix & Match Survival (until next shopping spree)

I have to keep mixing and matching to survive...until my next shopping spree.
This time, it's all black and very pale salted egg colored flowy skirt. An easy ensemble for work.
Everything's remixed, except the black cotton tee with slightly puffy sleeves from In & Out, HK$39 (I should've bought this in every color, it's so freakin versatile and comfy).

Boy, that looks like a heck of a bad hair and bad make up day. Hmm, or maybe it was due to all pending tasks on hand, they frizzed my hair and sucked the life outta me!

1 comment:

dewi said...

not so bad hair day laaahhh... didnt realise that flowy skirt is so versatile... nice mix n match... not too girly, not too formal...