Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not Your Average Delivery Guy & My Motorcycle Traumas

Motorcycle is a significant part of Jakarta's transport.

They break through traffic deadlocks pretty easily, swarms of these can be found in Jakarta's streets, and they scare the heck outta me. I can't ride a bike, not to mention a motorcycle, but I had my share of motorcycle nightmares as a passenger.

My motorcycle traumas:
- I had an experience of being a passenger on a motorcycle from Grogol to Mangga Dua, and during the two hours ride, I pretty much buried my face on the driver's jacket, almost lost some toes, and I am sure my heart was shrunk to the size of a frozen pea.
- I was injured another time, when my friend's motorcycle hit a cement road divider. We fell, the motorcycle fell on top of my shin, and a bus passed, missed us by a few centimeters.
- I was getting ready to hop onto the passenger seat, and my friend, the driver, started to drive away. I landed flat on my butt, my skirt went up, right in front of a bunch of guys. The embarrassment? It helped shaping me into the shameless girl I am now ^_^

I loved this scene of a bunch of giant tires being delivered by a motorcycle. The way the tires were arranged ensure balance on the tiny vehicle. Quite a work of art, don't you think?

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