Thursday, March 5, 2009

His vs Hers - Scents which Made Me Go Hmmmm

(clockwise from top left) Deep Red by Hugo Boss, Healing Garden's Green Tea Therapy body mist, GAP Scent "Dream", Kenzo Flower, Marc Jacobs' Blush, Acqua di Gio, Marc Jacobs, L'eau Par Kenzo
Total = 8 bottles

Normally, I am not a huge perfume fan. I'd buy a couple which I really love and stick with them for-almost-ever. But there was a short period of time when I was surrounded by perfume loving friends, I was indeed influenced (not in a negative way), and gathered quite a collection of scents. Now I am left with 8 bottles of scents, most of them almost empty. Time for spring scent shopping? Oh yeah. Let's see how sous chef's collection.

(clockwise from top left) Body Shop's "Of A Man", Soul by Hugo Boss, L'eau d'Issey pour homme, Jazz by YSL, Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger, Chic for men by Carolina Herrera, Eternity Summer by Calvin Klein, Aigner, YSL Paris
Total = 9 bottles (WINNER!)

Quite an extensive collection of scents for a guy, eh? What is he? Metro? That was then, when he had to attract the ladies with some expensive scents. Now, he thinks that his natural scent, along with some garlic/onion scents from restaurant fumes = the sweetest scent in the universe. The 9 bottles...are pretty much abandoned.

Scents which Made Me Go Hmmm...

L'eau par Kenzo: I love that it is very light, refreshing, floral, watermelony and not citrusy. Citrusy scents smell like vinegar on me, especially in summer. Ew!

Blush by Marc Jacobs: It smells like jasmine in a wonderful way (not funeral-ish way), modern, young and expensive.


Marc Jacobs: it is rich, yet not overwhelming. Elegant, yet not old. It reminds me of home (I have a garden of tuberosa/bunga sedap malam at my rooftop back home in Indonesia), and it is super long lasting.

Scents for Men which Make Me Go Crazy
Crazy? How crazy? Ripping his clothes off? You wish. Haha
These scents attract me so much, they made me sniff around a bus to find the source of the scent, they made me follow the person with the scent without realizing it...they are DANGEROUS (at least for me)!

Of a Man, from The Body Shop: It is quite sweet, but still masculine. I guess only real men could pull this off ;)

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger: This is the scent that totally kills me. Spray this on a frog and it'd look like a prince charming to me.

I told you it's dangerous.

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