Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uniqlo Vintage Inspired Mickey Mouse Tee, His and Hers

I absolutely love this vintage inspired Mickey Mouse tees from Uniqlo.
I wish I could buy all of them, all of them, all of them.
I guess I could, but SC was there, so I didn't ^_^'
I think by now you probably know that SC and I love sharing clothes.
So, I decided to buy boys tees instead of girls tiny version, so that we can share! Hurray!

How did we wear them?

...and bigger boys tee = more room for my growing tummy ^_^

White Mickey Mouse tee with grey piping...

The super bright yellow one...

... and the muted pink.

All in super comfy fabric, very summer friendly, I can layer 'em for spring/autumn/winter...
...and only HK$79 each!

On SC...

Left to right:
- Uniqlo yellow mickey tee + purple IDC polo tee + H&M denim shorts + my no brand Mongkok belt + my bossini socks + these are not shoes loafers
- Uniqlo white mickey tee + hanes striped shirt + H&M checkered shorts + my no brand Mongkok belt + my no brand scarf + Salem boots
- Uniqlo pink tee + batik cotton shirt from Batik Keris, Jakarta + my skinny jeans + these are not shoes loafers + my no brand Mongkok aviator shades

On me:

Left to right:
- Uniqlo yellow mickey tee + thrifted top + No brand skirt, scarf and shoes from Kwai Chung Plaza
- Uniqlo white mickey tee + pink cardi from Kuala Lumpur + H&M belt + Cotton On skirt + Batik Keris scarf + Vincci shoes from KL
- Uniqlo pink tee + scarf, a gift + Zara denim skirt + Muji socks + Marks & Spencer's heels


dewi said...

super styling!!! super fun! perfect for spring/summer... feroshious!

Kyla said...

This is soooo cute! I love them all!

Ashley said...

Love when you mixed the vest and the hat to it. Super cute :)

I love the idea of you sharing with SC. Adorable!!

Mrs Ergül said...

You two make such a cool pair! It's sweet!