Monday, April 12, 2010

SC's Haul of New Summer Shorts

Sorry for posting so much about SC, guys~
Since I've been wearing pretty much the same outfit (simply rotate Monday to Friday), plus the getting-bigger belly, the enlarged and red nose, gray hair...I was in no mood for outfit photo taking. I'll post my own outfits soon after I get my girly mojo back. I don't plan to stay too ugly throughout this whole bun-in-the-oven period for too long :D

SC has two branded, pricey and hideous looking baggy cargo shorts with lots of pockets which made his ass look...unappetizing and his thighs look swollen and stocky. He loved these two shorts to pieces.

Now he knows better. These shorts are made of lightweight cotton, the cut's slimming, and he could dress it up or dress it down. He even got a pair of lightweight denim shorts with nice cutting, all from his most hated shop of heaven....H&M ^_^

I bet he won't be buying any clothes until a few summers later :D

The cotton shorts (white checkered, tan, and grey) = HK$149 each
The denim shorts = HK$199
All from H&M, remixed with his old tops and jackets.


dewi said...

fab! fab! fab! nylon'ish... love the shorts, love the styling, love the photo treatment... like a cut out from fashion mag.

Mrs Ergül said...

Wow! SC is such a natural before the camera!

Shierly said...

He looks like a professional model! i would never get hubby to pose like that! love the outfits!