Monday, April 19, 2010

My Weird Photo-taking Poses

You know I like taking pictures...a lot.
You might wonder sometimes...what does SC do on photo-taking trips when I'm busy taking pictures (other than making out with his iPhone)?

He does THIS.
He takes pictures of me taking pictures.

Sometimes the pictures turn out kinda nice...

...kinda cool.

Oh heck, I think I looked super cool in below picture!

Until...I saw this...

...brr, that was probably too much for my abs.

And then the weird expression on my face when I was scouting for a different point of view...

...scout scout scout...

I couldn't look more idiotic.

...and this!

Do not do this without proper stretching!

...or you'd end up with sore legs and butt like me.
...and please, do not do that with any other human beings (or animals) in the vicinity.

Did the pictures I take worth all these acrobatic moves?
Probably not :p


Shierly said...

LOVE IT! :) especially the last photo :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...


Shirley said...

Rita... I'm glad SC took those pics! You are oh so cute with your poses and expressions.