Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chubby Chic - Faux Fur Bagcessory

Chubby Chic - Faux Fur Accent
Miss Chubby Chic is back!...and she's sporting a trend which I found adorable...faux fur bagcessory!

It's cheap (we never do real fur), it's light (I find metal/crystal/hardware bagcessories too heavy!)...
Chubby Chic - Faux Fur Accent
...and it's super cool!

Plus...you can "accidentally" attach it on someone's ass and have a good laugh
Chubby Chic - Faux Fur Accent
You like?

The faux fur bagcessory's from H&M, HK$39

1 comment:

dewi said...

really want to stick the tail on my b*tt... hahaha...