Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chubby Chic - Travel in Style

I prioritize comfort when I travel, and generally, I don't care about looking stylish in flight.
I admire those who can look super polished, wearing shorts, mini skirts and heels.
My sis doesn't belong to the heels and polished traveler category, but she'd be damned if she's caught traveling anything but in style.
Travel in Style

...and for her, it's not only about the outfit.
Travel in Style
The bag, the luggage, the hat...everything's gotta be cool.

How about you? How do you travel?


Ashley said...

I fly comfortably. If what I'm wearing happens to be fashionable and comfortable then that's the way I'll go!

Jane Milton said...

I am seriously loving her luggage! I always wanted colourful luggage, but since I tend to go hog wild whilst in Korea, *shopping*, I always bring the biggest, and ugliest bag I have. =/