Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Indonesian Baby Carrier - Selendang Batik

Indonesian Selendang Batik Baby Carrier
If you're Indonesian, chances've spent quite a bit of your childhood being carried in this Indonesian baby carrier, selendang batik.
I think I spent most of my childhood being carried in fact, my old nanny carried me on her back using this selendang while cooking and had my toe burnt by the stove while doing it.
Ah...what fun!

My helper brought one selendang batik with her when she came to work for us...and it has work its magic. Its convenient, it helps us manage the baby's weight on our body, it gives us one free arm, and most importantly...little Marcus loves it! Being carried in selendang batik, he sleeps like...a baby ;)

Ah wells, he's half Indonesian after all :D

...and the batik looks good on papa SC too, eh?
You like?


Ashley said...


When *one day* I have a baby, I will be using this tool. haha.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried making a selendang swing for Marcus to sleep in it?

Angelica said...

Think you'll buy different batik prints to coordinate baby to outfits? lol :P

Pei Lin said...

I do!! Lovely batik design! Drools!

Monica ^o^ said...

LOL ! It has been a while since I seen a selendang in action. I remembered mine was the red one with a picture of phoenix or something similar hehehehe