Friday, October 15, 2010

Style Envy - Little Miss Tepi

Stephanie at Agalico
Have you ever seen someone and thought...gosh, I wish I had her style/body/hair/etc?

That's exactly how I felt when I saw pictures of Tepi, I just had to ask her to guest star in my humble lil' blog.
I love love LOVE her effortlessly chic, quirky sense of style, and her fantabulous curly hair (I'd have to sit for at least 5 hours in a salon to get my hair done that way, and for her, it's au naturel!).

On Tepi:
Top: Chaktucak market 150 bht
Pants & belt: zara IDR490k
Deck shoes: zara IDR690k

Photography by Rudolf Parma
Location: Agalico, Bangkok, Thailand


dewi said...

love love love miss tepi style. envy the curly hair!

Ashley said...

this is cute :)

I have curly hair too...but remember, the grass is greener. Sometimes my curls drive me crazy!!