Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Purple and Black Thrifted Dress

Purple black thrifted dress
Another vintage thrift finds which I must tailor...what should I do with the sleeves?

Gray, silver, black & white Rings
The rings I wore that day. I love the cute balls, the tough-chick chain and studs, and the sweet little bow...

Purple black thrifted dress
...and the buttons of this vintage dress. Love them!

Birds socks
...and little birds on my socks to brighten up my day.

Thrifted vintage dress, Zara belt, H&M socks and bag, unbranded shoes, unbranded rings


eek said...

I love all your thrifted finds - such unusual patterns and shapes yet all still so stylish!

mochaccinoland said...

u can add elastic bands at the seams of the sleeves. easy to DIY and can adjust the sleeves to whatever length u fancy without having to chop them off. just a suggestion :)

Janice, aka e_ting said...

I want those shoesssss!!!!! Love the combo of rings too!

Ashley said...

ring with the balls...AMAZING! Or dare I say AMAZEBALLS? :D

Mochachocolata Rita said...

janice, i got them from a random unbranded shop in kwai chung plaza (the time i bought 3 pairs?), only for HK$200 (with discount, even less)

Kelly said...

i think u shuld put elastic along the hem of the sleeves too! love that dress! (and the socks!)