Saturday, August 6, 2011

Johnson's Naturally White Series and Deary Whitening Sun Protector Spray

Ready? Get set? Sun!
I can't wait to bring this naughty chubby little monkey to the beach this summer (can't believe I haven't done so!)
Baby Marcus Swimming Gear
He has his shorts, hat, baby flip flops, sun block, and heat rash powder.

Now, mama needs to protect her skin too, you know!
Deary - Whitening Sun Protector Spray SPF 50 PA+++
I know I kept forgetting to put on some sun protection on myself, too busy slathering some on baby M. In fact, I think I am fresh outta sun block. So, I was glad to have received a sample of this Deary Whitening Sun Protector Spray. It's SPF50+++, it's lightweight, it has vitamin C, organic peppermint, it's convenient, and most importantly for me, it doesn't have that classic sun block smell that gives me a headache. This one has a really pleasant sweet and coconut-ish scent. Yum! You can get this from Watson's.

Johnson's body care's Naturally White Series
Now, personally, I don't mind getting a bit tanned. I am not obsessed with keeping my skin fair. But I surely don't want sun damage, and that's why sometimes I'd go for whitening products. Just to prevent and/or repair sun damage, much more than trying so hard to stay fair. 

I use a lot of Johnson's products, love the lotions and I use their baby bath for both baby M and myself too. It was nice to learn that they've launched naturally white series and I was glad to try the samples.

The body wash is infused with natural fruit acids, micro exfoliating beads and natural milk extract, it gently washes away dull & dead surface skin cells, and also nourishes and replenishes skin's moisture. Gosh, I normally don't really pay attention to all these things. All I care about were if it felt like it cleanses, moisturizes, and does it smell good? Yes, yes, and yes. Case closed. 

The daily UV lotion is lightweight as always, smells pleasant, it has SPF8, with active vitamin C, and its micro-pigment technology works like a screen to help reflect away harmful sunlight and prevent sun damage. Excellent! I could use this for my daily protection. 

They're available in Watson's, Mannings, and major supermarkets.

Now, which beach I should visit this weekend? 


Chris said...

Make sure it is SPF of 15 or more. 30 is usually recommended. Otherwise, u just kid yourself into thinking you have protection.

Ashley said...

that little man is SOOOOOOOO cute.