Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby M's Sleeping Buddy

Baby M's Sleeping Buddy
Yep. Baby M has a sleeping buddy.

We actually didn't want him to have a "security blanket" which he clings to until adulthood...but since our helper made him sleep with this little kitten..he's grown attached to it.
Baby M's Sleeping Buddy
He smiles at the sight of it, chew on the kitten's ears, nose and tail, and sleeps better with it.

Oh well...
Baby M's Sleeping Buddy
I guess we might have to bring this kitten everywhere on our future holidays...


mommy to chumsy said... cute. i guess you may need to find another one as back up in case this one goes into the washing machine :)

chicmcmuffin said...

aw look at how long his lashes are!
*irrational lash obsession strikes*

Ashley said...

Precious :)

I love his little lashes!

Barbie said...

Everyone needs a bit of security! He is the cutest thing!