Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Herringbone & Floral

hair up today
Wearing my hair up today.

I get headaches wearing my hair high up...but for a short while, it's ok.

This pose was so awkward and unnatural, I had to post it.
my weird unnatural pose
Who cradles their arm like that?

rings and glasses
Sniffing my hand lotion pose.

necklace and thrifted blouse
Wearing SC's new necklace...and I always love the pattern of this thrifted vintage top.

blue gold shoes
These el cheapo heels are so unexpectedly comfy!
OMG, I didn't even try to "connect" the captions in this post together.
I'm lazy like that...

thrifted vintage top, zara pants, unbranded everything else, except blue ring (it's H&M)

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eek said...

Those pants are so fun!