Monday, October 24, 2011

Vintage Shirt & Boys Cardigan - Bad Hair Days

Vintage Shirt & Boys Cardigan
It's been forever since I posted my outfit.
I've been lazy, been having the longest bout of bad hair days... T_T
I've been repeat-wearing one vintage dress after another, not at all inspiring.

Vintage Shirt & Boys Cardigan
The day I was wearing this outfit, bored and not wanting to pull another vintage dress, I just randomly put together stuff and called it a day.

Same thing with the rings, just piled on random rings and be done with it.
This outfit should be titled the whatever. this picture, it looked like I am giving the finger or saying something indecent with my hands...sorry about that, please rest assured that I was not ^_^'

Thrifted vintage shirt, SC's unbranded cardi, Cotton On skirt, Union wedges, Nepal rings from Temple St, Faux jade ring from Tsuen Wan, engagement ring & wedding ring


Chic McMuffin said...

I've been having lots of bad hair days too! And more to come T___T. But do love your combo here - leopard print (CHECK!) & vintage shirt (LOVE!)...

Ashley said...

I love the cardigan. I want one!

mochaccinoland said...

fun eclectic mix of prints!! i never dare to try short bangs but it looks good on u! :)