Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby M Walking Happily

Baby M Walking Happily
Baby M has started learning to walk quite a while ago, but hasn't really mastered it enough to make him prefer walking than speed-crawling. But now, after falling a gadzillion times flat on his butt, he's finally loving it. He gets up and walks whenever he needs to go somewhere.

Walking is his preferred mode of "transportation" now :D
Baby M Walking Happily


mochaccinoland said...

WOW! well done baby M!! he is so big now compared to the photo on your banner :D

gastronomous anonymous said...

wow! he is all grown up now! well done baby M :)

seriously said...

If you had a 'like' button for your blog, I'd click on it for many posts. :) Super like this one! Your baby's adorable!

Lady G said...

So cute. His walking pose reminds me of the strutting Leo meme.