Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby M in Stripey Tee & Polka Dot Pants

I bought these polka dot denim baby girl's pants for baby M.

They're cute, comfy, and only HK$38.
What can mama do? It fits perfectly and he looks fantastic in them.

Baby GAP polo tee, unbranded pants, baby M's tippy toes.


LyddieGal said...

He looks adorable! If he takes after his papa, this is only his first of many times wearing girl clothes :)

heidi said...

my favorite are those tippy toes! :)

Lidia Sianturi said...

lucune loh jinjit2...hahaha..

Ashley said...

he looks so cute in them! Really, those are more unisex pants...not too girly :)

Work it, Marcus!

gastronomous anonymous said...

he is so cute! can't wait to see him again and give him a little cuddle and kiss! lol