Thursday, January 24, 2008

10 out of 10

What constitutes a great day?

- Waking up in the morning, not feeling sleepy, hair all fell nicely into place, knowing what to wear for the day down to which socks and earrings

- Having an amazing breakfast (my weekend favorite is satay beef instant noodles, with luncheon meat, creamy omelet, toasts & coffee with cream, not milk, especially not skimmed milk, if not, shanghai pork & cabbage steamed bun + office made Nescafe is a weekday favorite)

- Never HAVING to go to work (how we’d wish we can go to work cos it is FUN)

- A Fun (and Free) lunch time, going around, taking pictures as a form of after-lunch exercise

- An afternoon at work full of giggles, tasks at work amazingly well done, the boss being absolutely pleased by what we’ve (or haven’t) done (this beats a boss on annual leave)

- Filled and fueled with inspirations to make dinner

- Going off work with a big smile on my face, looking forward to a fabulous evening

- Shopping for groceries to make dinner, only to find that the price of 3 boneless chicken thigh fillets is miraculously below HK$20 and the total price of all ingredients bought is wayyyy below the strict & almost impossible dinner budget

- All the efforts (can be seen from the spilled hot oil, the avalanche of of dirty pots, pans & utensils in the sink, ingredients all over the floor, hands smelling like raw garlic, hair smelling like fried chicken-and not in a good way ) spent on making dinner were not wasted

- There is (always) still room for dessert & the dessert was fabulous and absolutely FREE

- Falling asleep effortlessly (Really. No valium. No Prozac. No cough drop. Whatsoever)

I was asked to rate my happiness for the day out of 10 (and I am a hard critic), and it was a full & perfect 10.

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