Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Edison-Bobo-Gill Extravageenawhh

Finally! A Juicy scandal to brighten up this dull, cold, humid, suffocating, flu-inducing pre-CNY MONDAY.

Gillian’s published reaction, as always, were buckets full of tears. If the pic was fake, what the heck was she crying about?? Ahhhh, maybe was crying, wishing it was real….or maybe she was crying about the unflattering shot of her “hello hello”.

At least she (and Bobo) got to bed a highly coveted hot guy.

Behind the scene, before press con, wat people imagine:

Publicist: Good news. The pic of your rendezvous with edison is finally out now. The media went nuts for it, just as we planned. But there’s bad news.

Gillian: Yay! Wat? Oh, Shit, do I look fat in it? (My slimming endorsement contract does not pay me truckloads of cash to look fat…)

P: Hmmm…ur “hello hello” seems a little puffy and too bushy for spring/summer 2008 (handing her the pic)

G: Dammmnnnnnn….why didn’t u guys use tat doggy style shot? You know I look much better in wonder bra. I should’ve gone for a Brazilian…or had it shaved into hello kitty head shot pattern…

P: Here (handing her a bottle of artificial tears). Work it, girl

G: (start sobbing)

*Check out the pics in…ah well, no use to feign innocence. You must have already seen them for gazillions of time this morning. Lol*

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