Friday, January 25, 2008

Lost Odyssey

Haven't been a big fan of video games and don't think I'll ever be, but...never say never, right?

Never had any of these devices, even when they were/are so IN, hip & happening. I'd rather risk being called "oh-so-outdated, gaptek, technologically retarded, etc":
- gameboy
- nintendo
- atari
- PS1,2,3 (the only PS i like is PS. I love you)
- PSP- Xbox- Wii (yep, even with all the rage)

always thought those things were only for boys..

But, even when the game producers realized that girls make sooo much easier retail victims and produced Nintendo DS with all the cute & glamorous frills, when all the girls were carrying shimmery pearly pink/satiny white/hello kitty/LV/gucci monogram-clad NDS cover, I still stick to daydreaming as favorite pass time choice in MTR/bus/bus stop/any queues (any events where the stand still period is more than 3 minutes).

Come to think of it...there were a few games which caught my attention:

All time favorite game and THE ONLY game I could play without losing in 30 seconds

1942 (
The game which made me realized that I should NOT play any video games. I kept punching the ‘shoot’ button vigorously, with all my might, only to realize that I was already dead!!! #$#$#!!!

The game which scared the crap outta me. I love the short video clips when the character reaches some important points of the game, tried to hold the console and it vibrates (!) at the scariest moments (!!) My face was as white as bleached paper – no Shiseido/SKII/Kose required

LOST ODYSSEY (;summary)
Love the theme song, ‘What You Are’ vocal by Sheena Easton. It is 2008’s answer to Final Fantasy 8’s ‘Eyes on Me’ by Faye Wong. Though I aint no geek, but I love Nobuo Uematsu’s music, and this one is worth all the efforts, playing and pausing, extracting the lyrics, so I can sing it on top of my lung. Advance apologies for those who have to hear it. Haha!, the male character in the game looks kinda HOT. lol

The song is part of the trailer below, a part of the lyric included, Enjoy!,3800076101,20361425,00.htm?ref=rss

pic from, Kaim the Lost Odyssey's Hottie

What You Are
Vocal by Sheena Easton

When you touch me, it feels just like a dream
With the warmth that’s in your eyes, when you look at me
I hear your voice beside me, it whispers to me
I can’t hide how it makes me feel the shines you see

I may never… understand how deep it goes
But I know how I feel, what I hold deep in my heart

There’s just no way to stop this, it’s hopeless but true
I feel this love, more than anything
So what more can I do...

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