Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Edison-et al Extravageenawhh Continues

The mixed impact:

On Edison:
As we speak, he is literally being worshipped as a God by guys, for his ability to bed HK entertainment industry’s who’s who

On Edison’s current gf:
Quickly browsing all of her naughty pics with him, selecting and photo-shopping which ones to published

On Gillian et al:
A fabulous jump start to success in porn industry?

On those girls who aren’t in Edison Chen’s Hall of Fame:
Feeling so ashamed that they aren’t in, start calling Edison’s manager, waxing and pimping up their “hello hello”, getting ready for the next photo shoot opportunity

On graphic designers/photo editors:
Sudden dramatic increased demand for their so called expert opinions

On us, mere mortals:
Something to divert us from the current stock market situation.

Note: no pics posted here, as there was an arresting frenzy, creating major public confusion

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