Friday, February 15, 2008

Funny Valentine

The Importance of Flowers & Gifts on Valentine's Day

From a Valentine's Day Phone-In Interview:

Interviewer: So, what's your opinion on the importance of flowers and gifts on Valentine's day?

Girl: They are not important AT ALL, the whole point of Valentine's day is to celebrate your love, with your loved one... yada yada yada...bla bla is not a problem for me NOT to receive flowers/gifts/expensive Valentine's day celebration, don't waste money as everything gets expensive of Valentine's day. Unlike other girls, I am very considerate...yada yada yada...bla bla bla

Interviewer: So, to conclude, if your lover didn't give you flowers/gifts, you WON'T get PISSED, right?

Girl: (sounded pissed) What do you THINK?

Interviewer: . . .


A recent survey found that 70% of girls think that flowers and gifts are not the whole point of Valentine's day and they do NOT mind not receiving them.

On the other hand, 50% girls say that what they say does NOT reflect how they really feel


- ALWAYS give your girl/s flowers on Valentine's day, NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY
- Save cost by avoiding the popular Valentine flowers (instead of rose/s, get the chrysanthemum, or broccoli? lol), with lots of luck, you might get considered "unique" or "creative"
- Save cost by not buying the packaging (Opt for loosely packed bunches than neatly arranged bouquet ,or 1 stalk of flower minus ribbons and plastic box)

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GICM Aficionado said...

Your article confirm my opinion about flower. Ah, if only I read this articles many years before ... How much money I could save ... :(
:P :D