Monday, February 25, 2008

Growing Nationalism

For as long as I can remember, when I grew up and was staying in Indonesia, most people around me (including myself) craved foreign related products (so called - buatan luar negeri). Anything foreign was generally deemed superior compared to local products. This might get myself beaten up but honestly, I was not really into Indonesian products, people would make fun of me if I wore batik/kebaya (Indonesian traditional clothing), people would look down on me if I claimed that my favorite food is gudeg (Javanese traditional food) and people did roll of the floor laughing when I sang dang dut songs (Indonesian music). I would get accepted and probably admired if I wore Esprit/Benetton, dine and hung out at Pizza Hut, and listen to rock and roll. I loved everything foreign, and I seemed to have taken Indonesia for granted.

Strangely, when I moved overseas, first to Australia, then to Singapore and currently now I am in Hong Kong, my sense of nationalism towards Indonesian products has been ever-growing. I miss Indonesian products all the time, I regularly crave Indonesian food, I proudly say that I am Indonesian, JAVAnese, even when people thought I was JAPANese (this is a huge compliment since Japanese is perceived to be superior).

Every year, when I visit my home country, most of the time I just wanted to eat and drink everything Indonesian, I desperately seek for some more Indonesian ethnic decor for my home, bought loads and loads of batik clothing and wear it with pride in Hong Kong. OK, I went one step further, there was a day when I asked my colleagues to wear the Indonesian clothes they purchased during an event in Indonesia.

I gave out packets of Indomie (Indo's famous Instant noodles) to my colleagues and promoted the use of Kecap Manis in Hong Kong at BBQ/cooking party events with my friends. I sang Indonesian songs not only in karaoke (I just changed Japanese lyrics and made up the Indonesian version) but also in the office (this probably won't promote Indonesian music, this could kill it-I'm sorry, will try to stop. lol)


- Everybody misses things they can't get hold of
- Only realised they love something when the thing isn't as easily available
- Anything unattainable is crave-able
or some other reasons...

For whatever it is, despite all the minuses, there are so many good things about my country (not only Indomie and kecap manis yaaa)...So, I just know one thing: Saya Cinta Buatan Indonesia (I love Indonesian products), termasuk saya (which include myself) LOL!

*So much for Rita's Nationalism, she is just another female narcissistic pig*


GICM Aficionado said...

Indonesian (esp. Chinese Indo) Proud of you ... You are so Global, Stylish .. yet still Indonesian. Several my Indonesian Friends have switch nationality to Singaporean. But still they don't forget their Indonesia heritage ...

PS: Who is he? The handsome guy wearing Batik? Is he Indonesian?
I remember the time, when walking along cecil street wearing Batik (so PD, at that time ... ) Hehe...

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hehe yeah...batik is so IN!

debyyong said...

aduh batik lu cantik bangirr....
boleh tau gak beli dimana, pengen neh gua contek designnya. En, motifnya juga keren bo'.
eh, cowok sebelah lu lumayan juga ya...hahaha..

Evimeinar said...

My nationalism was growing since I left Indonesia. I do the same as you do, poison out my colleagues with indomie and kecap manis ^_^

I never see people as Malay-Indonesian or Chinese-Indonesian. I I am so proud of my Chinese Indonesians whom I know in Canada, they are just said I'm from Indonesia. They love Indonesian heritage as muuch as I do

Proud of you, Rit

Mochachocolata Rita said...

debi and pepy, hidup indo!!! cihuyyy (duh yg baru ngeh ga usah bayar pajakkkk) hahaha