Friday, February 29, 2008

Instant Home Make Over

This post is probably too late to be called Chinese New Year posting, but wat the heck, I just wanted to share this and here I go:

BEFORE the translucent front of my IKEA chest of drawers made it look super messy and cheap (at HK$499, it really IS cheap)

AFTER georgeous, tidy, sophisticated. Now I can truly stash all of my treasures (read: rubbish) in these 3 drawers.

Super easy to do: I bought a roll of gift wrapping paper. Chose a pattern to fit the occasion/s (Chinese New Year/Valentine's). Cut paper to fit the front of drawer, stick paper with UHU glue. Voila! Instant make over.

I was contemplating sketching/painting/drawing something on a plain paper, but lucky I didn't go for it...well maybe some day. The wrapping paper is so much faster and easier. I could always change it from time to time. Maybe I'll try using local newspaper cut offs next time, and pretend that I got this chest of drawers from G.O.D hehee

My friend warned me for the tackiness of using the modern cutesy Rat decor. But it's the year of the rat, and this was a last minute impulse buy. Since the whole thing is too long to hang on top of my TV, I had to separate the bottom 4 and hung it on my door. 1 slap, 2 groups of (cute) rats.

AFTER the first day of Chines e New Year, I had time to walk (shop) around, and I found these adorable yellow Rat. Although it was too late, I still bought it and hung it in my bedroom. I also got a string of chillis with lettuce on top made of glass...(inviting: money money money)

to top it off...bunches of flowers never hurt. I got myself a hugeeee bunch of these purple cuties and spread them all over my (tiny) home. These babies are really long lasting. I'd rather spend my HK$40 on flowers each week than going out for lunch and I never think buying flowers for myself is pathetic. Hehe

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GICM Aficionado said...

I love IKEA too .. but so expensive here in Jakarta :(

Anonymous said...

Haha... I found your drawer makeover on design sponge. I have an exact same set of ikea drawers right next to me in the room I use as an office/craft room, and they're so freakin boring.

I assumed it would be a complicated process - maybe taking apart the drawers, etc. I love the fact you just stuck the paper on. Ok so tomorrow I go out and buy some gift wrap.
Thanks Rita!


Anonymous said...

BTW, is UHU glue a white craft glue or is it a glue stick?

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Hi E-Lo,
Thanks for dropping by...UHU glue that I's a clear liquid glue, in a toothpaste-like tube, not a stick. More info here:

KJ said...

Hi Rita, I linked back. I have had your post on my mind since I saw it on Design Sponge way back when.