Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I was Naive & Silly

My deepest apology to have posted something on this topic again...but it is ALL I heard at work, it is the thing that hits a PAUSE button on the usual inter-intra-departmental feuds, back-stabbing, responsibility-dodging, ball-dropping, blame-shifting & arse-licking activities.

So...I'd be NAIVE & SILLY not to post something.

A friend's cousin's husband (yeah right, it is TAT complicated) said that he admired Edison, as he could convince the starlets to take such provocative pictures.

Ehmmmmm...I don't think there ever was any convincing necessary, since the starlets were probably:

Super Narcissistic
Therefore, won't pass on any photo opportunity, the photoes are just a medium to admire themselves afterwards

Willing, if not Eager
When else you can take hot pics with such a hot guy

Better him than Nobody
It is better to be in hot pics with Edison Chen than any Average-Joe-Nobody

Ofcourse, Naive & Silly
To think that the guy was techno-savvy enough NOT to send his laptop (containing the pics) for repair

In press con, Gillian said that she WAS naive & silly, but now she's improved, maybe now even MORE naive & silly. lol

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