Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine’$$$$$ Day

Valentine's Day in the super commercialized Hong Kong is an affair to remember, for its pricey-ness, especially for boys, but more importantly, for girls.

Exactly how much does LOVE cost on V-day?

BOYS might spend their dough on:

- Romantic dinner for 2 at restaurants which your girlfriend might find acceptable: HK$600 - 1000
- A bouquet of flowers delivered to her office, which must be big enough to impress her workmates (and provoke jealousy): HK$800 - 1000 (kindly note that number of blossoms is generally viewed as directly proportional to how much you love her)
- A box of chocolate (the minimum is HK$59 Ferrero roche, HK$200 Godiva earns you brownie points)
- A gift (ideally whatever bears any of the following labels: Gucci, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, or anything hot that season): starting from HK$1000
- A room in a hotel with sufficient stardom? (Sky is the limit) HK$5000

GIRLS might get buried in major (I repeat, MAJOR) debts for (ironically) adapting to the concept of “I don’t need no gift, YOU are already my gift” (quoted from the object of their affection).

Let me paint you a little picture. Girls might need:

The Outfit
Which conveys the following messages (If it is really possible):
- Hard to get, yet attainable
- Sexy, yet respectable
- Strong, yet vulnerable
- Successful, yet humble
- Sophisticated, yet down to earth
- Independent, yet a team player
= sexy undies, delicate tops, sophisticated jackets, vulnerable skirts, stiletto heeled leather boots, successful hand bags, independent watches, down to earth jewelry, etc etc etc (noticed the plurals? Girls buy several of each item, just in case ^_*) = $$$$$$

The Face, Body & Ass
- Hair styling (shampooing, conditioning, softening, volumizing, curling, straightening, coloring, styling)
- Hair removal (brows, underarms, arms, legs, face, butts, ears, back, chest, hello-hello? Wink wink)
- Skin care (cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, softening, perfume infusing)
- Nails (pink with lace, crystal, ribbons, etc. gel nail?)
- Make up (moisturizers, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, shadow, pen liners, pencil liners, bronzer, illuminator, highlighter, brow shaper, fake lashes, sparkly sparklers, cream blush, powder blush, lip balm, lip base, lipstick, lip pencil, lip gloss)
- Eye defining, new colored-contact lenses

The Love Pad
- New beddings (400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets in hot pink-magenta hues)
- A new sofa (Thai silk covered, in passionate red shade)
- New throw pillows to compliment the sofa (preferably heart shaped?)
- Bouquets of flowers thrown all around the flat (so the guy would think he isn’t the only suitor)
- Room fragrance, something seductive (nono, bleach does NOT count)

I think you got the picture.

To conclude, A Super-Happy-Romantic-Amazing-Memorable Valentine is indeed,


GICM Aficionado said...

Hahahaha ... I cannot stop laughing reading your blog. ITS GREAT ... I like this one ... I like your writing style, sassy, witty ... Hmm, give me some more madam ... :)

PS: is it Edison = Edison Chan, Gill = Gillian Chung?

Mochachocolata Rita said...

PS: is it Edison = Edison Chan, Gill = Gillian Chung?

u guessed 'em right. happy v-day!