Monday, September 21, 2009

Floral Weekend, Belt or No Belt?

An afternoon of shopping.
Love floral pattern in earthy fall colors.
Love the flattering length and shape of the sleeves.
Love the fact that this dress costs less than HK$100.
Love the fact that I just had to wear one layer in this suffocating heat.

Had to lose the belt when it got too hot, my waist was drenched in sweat in no time.

I'd rather be mistaken for a mom-to-be than let heat ruin my day of shopping.

Dress = Kwai Chung Plaza, 3rd floor, HK$70
Shoes = Nose, Kuala Lumpur
Belt = H&M
Bag = IT outlet


dewi said...

no belt! slimmer & more comfy :)

angelZ said...

i like it without the belt cuz the dress is too busy already..

u have lots of nice clothes!! :D

Anonymous said...

both are nice really, but the belt makes the look more "grown up"!!

Anonymous said...

looks more natural and relaxed without the belt.

I just got to comment on how much I love your hair! It's so beautiful.

ai wei said...

without belt is so sweet!!!

besides, that dress is really cheap! dun think i can get such a nice one in KL