Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Patterns on Patterns

My lil' sis and I...
we may look alike, but in terms of style, we are like...
the earth and the sky,
fire and water,
black and white,
so completely different.

Funny thing is, when we are around each other, we are always influenced by each other's style.
I dig her quirkiness, but I can hardly carry what she puts together.

T-shirt = Chatujak market, Bangkok 100 baht
Vest = Chatujak market, Bangkok 150 baht

Pants = Chatujak market, Bangkok 500 baht
Scarf = Guess, thrifted
Shoes = Debenhams, Jakarta IDR120,000
Bag = Coach
Glasses = Forever 21, Jakarta, IDR90,000
Bracelet = Naughty, Jakarta IDR30,000
Watch = Casio Calculator, SGD30
Ring = Naughty, Jakarta IDR5,000

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