Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hong Kong Movie Shooting Commotion - Eason Chan & Karena Lam

This was Causeway Bay, right in front of Sogo department store last night around 20:00.

What's with the commotion?
A fight? A cat fight? Accident? Acid rain? Someone giving away money/free gifts? Scantily clad leng mo (teenage models) giving away free sexy bolsters?
I wish.
It was a HK movie shoot and the crowd was going nuts trying to get a glimpse of their idols.

A friend of mine often asked me if I've experienced many celebrity sightings in Hong Kong.
Yeah, a few times...Tony Leung, Rain Li, Sherman something, William something, Boyz, Anthony Wong, JJ...and probably a few more that I can't remember.

Have you imagined what would you do when you see a celebrity face to face/walking right in front of you?
A. Take a picture/shoot a video to show off to your friends
B. Approach them and say you're a big fan and you love their work very much (although it might not be the truth)
C. Ask them to take a picture/shoot a video with you, to show off to more friends
D. Ask for a signature
E. Act super cool, pretending not to see them, pretending that seeing Tony Leung in person is an every day event
F. None of the above

In many occasions, I opted to go with E. Probably because back then there was no medium for me to show off share my sightings.

But now...the most important thing is to get some shots of them, albeit blurry ones/back shots.
Who the heck are they?
Karena Lam & Eason Chan.
I was so determined to get a shot (As luck would have it, I didn't have my better camera, tried my best to make the most of my teeny tiny point and shoot), I thickened my face, ignored the shouts and warnings from the movie shooting assistants and elbowed my way to the front of the commotion.

...and still, all I could get was this crappy back shot.

...and blurry frontal shot.

Sous chef, being a major fan of Karena Lam, gawked endlessly at her and kept saying "Ohhhhh, how pretty! She is so pretty! Pretty, pretty, PRETTY!"
All I could say was "Eason Chan. He is so...err....talented." ^_^

In the video, you'll get a better look at them, as they walked right in front of me at around 00:53.

Experience a HK movie shoot atmosphere as the assistants shooed away onlookers and kept shouting "the shoot is about to begin", "please stand back" and "do not use flash, PLEASE!"

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mint said...

wow~ either e celebrities or the passerbys will become e victim of commotion..haha..lucky u to haf snips of Karena..!! She's sweet..!! I wonder how most of the 'shi nais' reacted when Lam Fung came to SG to promote e coffee products..haha..