Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Typhoon Koppu Signal 8

When I got home from work (a little earlier due to Typhoon Koppu signal 8)...the container terminal seemed quite, serene, and a little creepy with black, grey and white sky.

The clouds were moving so fast, almost like fast forwarded.

I was elbow deep with ingredients, busy cooking dinner when sous chef shouted "Hey! Do you want to photograph the traffic congestion?"
I surely did. Quickly ran to the window grabbing my camera on the way.
Despite being in a hurry (there were pots of stuff boiling on my stove), I took some shots, so please forgive the crappy pics. At least you got an idea how everyone crammed the expressway wanting to go home.

At night...I just realised that I've never paid attention to the container terminal being all dark. It's normally busy 24-7. I was in awe.

The next morning....signal 8 was still hoisted, it was all hazy hazy outta my window.
The sky quickly cleared as the government announced signal 3 and I brushed my teeth preparing to go to work.

We hate overnight T8.


Ashley said...

So what is signal 8? Is that the strength of the Typhoon?

Those first few photos were creepy!!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi ash...yes...8 is the strength of the typhoon.
no 1 is annoying
no 3 guarantees to ruin your hair and blow your skirt right up
no 8 you're off work
no 10...oh my...