Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Office Sweet Rocker

A flickr friend of mine asked if I wore my previous sweet rocker outfit to work, as it looks too casual for office. That made me think of a way to wear some metal studs to work...turned out, it wasn't so hard. Simply go easy on the metal studs, paired them with officey items such as cardi and skirts. I didn't wear my hair this way too, I let it all down, I did this out of frustration as typhoon 8 strong wind kept blowing my hair to my face ^_^

Say hello to my shoe cabinet's new family member....
HK$70 from Fa Yuen St Market.

Cardigan = Causeway Bay, circa long long time ago
Skirt & Belt = H&M
Necklace = Kwai Chung Plaza, HK$49
Earrings = Kwai Chung Plaza, HK$10
Shoes and bag = Fa Yuen St Market

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