Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Pain No Gain - SC's Journey from Chubby to Hunky?

If you thought that SC has always been this hunky...naturally...

Think again ^_^'

He had his cute chubby moments...with valid reasons. He had his whole thyroid gland removed due to thyroid cancer, and his treatment, made his metabolism as slow as...not moving. He survived the whole thing like a champion. Bravo, SC.

That aside, even without the thyroid problems, he isn't exactly naturally slim.
If he doesn't control himself, he could have let himself grow chubby any time, thanks to my bad influence of too much good (and bad) food :p
So, for us, there's really no such thing as natural beauty.
You might be genetically blessed, but something has to be done to maintain/enhance what you have been given.
While he had good reasons for being a little chubby...there's pretty much no excuseable excuses for the following poses...

Raccoon backpack, anyone?

...how about this?

Hong Kong based readers might remember this pose from Ocean Park's ads. Remember the jingle? Hong Kong....Kowloon Hong Kong...I like Hong Kong...lalalala~

Those raccoons are super adorable and they make people do all this mad poses!
Yeah, blame the raccoons...

Now, what has SC done to metamorph from flab to fab?
No magic, no tricks, no cheats, but the good old...
Food control and work out.

Eat healthy, i.e. avoid my sinful treats, eat everything in moderation.
As for work out regime, lots of walks (up and down hills around our place) and recently, he's ordered this exercise bar online and had it installed at home.

How many does he do a day?


Nope, max 7x or he'd do a couple every time he has a chance (during toilet breaks from playing Xbox)...and it works wonders!

Hello, bicep?

Ahem, I am against the necklace, but he insisted >.<

Toned arms, shoulders, chest, back muscles, and slimmer waist....are not God's gift to SC, it's really no pain no gain

Do excuse the nipple shots in the last picture, please...^_^'


LyddieGal said...

Bravo SC, looking good!
I see you've got tickets...

...to the gun show!

(couldn't resist)

Ashley said...

hehe. good post :) There are no gimmicks when it comes to losing weight. Glad to hear that SC did it the healthy way!!