Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome to My Messy Flat

Messy Flat
Some of my friends had been to my flat...most of them have seen my flat in its best behavior. Some of my blogging friends have seen my flat from some blog posts...
All cute, pristine and tidy.

But does my flat look like that every day?
Thank SC for stealing some shots of me doing an actual food photo shoot at home (he was in charge of holding a home made reflector, but he figured he could multi task).

Look at all that junk on my dining table!
Messy Flat
Piles of unopened mails and old magazines...used cups, candies, snacks, water jugs, a week worth of laundry on my dining chairs, and who knows what's underneath that pile of crap.


Just keeping it real, baby ;)

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