Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Matchy Matchy Tulle Flower Headband

Guess what?
Turns out...I have a matchy-matchy top to match my tulle flower headband...and wore this to a dinner date last weekend :D

So many people were staring at...either me and my ridiculous giant headband...or SC, who was clad head to toe in my clothes...hmmm~
Tulle Flower Headband
I don't think I looked that ridiculous?...
Or did I?


Jackie said...

I think it looks lovely! They were probably staring at a) your super fashionable outfit and b) your bump ;)

Jax x

Jane Milton said...

I adore the headband! Works really well with your top.

I don't think it was because of you. You look fabulous, not ridiculous. I bet it's because of SC. You know how older Asian ppl can be. Just saying....^^

Pei Lin said...

I have always thought Hong Kongers or people in HK are much more bold with fashion that in Singapore. So no worries about that gigantic headband!!

Shierly said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the headband :)

you look absolutely gorgeous!