Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pants Shopping

Pants Shopping
Look what I've bought...still from my pre-giving-birth shopping spree.
Mad, I know!

Left to right = black and white stars, auntie-floral, and geometric...around HK$59 per pair, from Kwai Chung plaza. Can't wait to wear them...and I'll probably give them to my sis to bring back to Indonesia ;)

Stay tuned, there're still a lot more from my recent loot :D


Jane Milton said...

Wow, the second one really *is* auntie-esque. Yet why do I like it? Am I become like them?? (oh noes!!)

Pei Lin said...

Where is that plaza Rita? I must go there when I'm there in Dec!!!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

it's connected to kwai fong mtr station :)

YDW said...

OMG! Kill me please!!! I want all those pants!!!! DIE I DIE!!