Thursday, September 2, 2010

My H&M Tee & My Zara Floral Harem Pants on Boys

I mentioned that we got stared at on the streets last weekend.
I was wondering if it was my huge ass floral headband...with my huge bump, or was it SC?
But SC was dressed rather normal-ish that day...
My Tee & My Floral Harem Pants on Boy
See? Normal.

Unless you know that it's my tee & those are my floral harem pants...
My Tee & My Floral Harem Pants on Boy
I guess Hong Kong isn't ready to see floral pants on boys yet :p

So, your guesses were probably right. People were probably staring at his pants, not my headband ;)

On SC:
- Tee = H&M (mine)
- Pants = Zara (mine)
- Shoes = These are Not Shoes (his)
- Hat = Uniqlo (his)
- Bag = Bauhaus (his)

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LyddieGal said...

Aw, I love SC in your floral pants -- he can completely pull them off!!

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