Friday, December 3, 2010

Eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner

You know that I don't believe in natural beauty.
If it's not make up. It's probably photoshop ^_*
One beauty product I can't live without...eyeliners!
I need them to give myself some eyes, as I have none :(
Here's my tiny collection.
Most are cheap, some good, some crap.
Eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner

My latest purchase...Make Up Forever's Aqua Eyes.
Eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner
I bought two colors, dark grey that's so dark it's almost black...and olive green grayish shade.
Love them so much! They're easy to put on, sliding smoothly even on these dry autumn days (although it makes me question if they will stay put in summer), the colors are pretty solid, and it stays on the whole day with no smudge! They're affordable too...HK$155 each, with 10% discount if you bought two.
I have to buy more colors stat!

For a bit of sparkle...I love buying Sasa's retractable sparkly eyeliners.
Eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner
They're inexpensive (about HK$39 each?) but they're good! The only thing I don't like about sparkly eyeliners? I keep getting some sparkles in my eyes and it's darn annoying, sometimes even painful! There's a solution to this problem though..if you're not as lazy as me, you probably wear mascara. The mascara will prevent the sparkle from going into my eyes. In lazy days where I wouldn't bother putting on any sparkly eyeliner. Don't try their pencil eyeliner though. Bad bad bad.

My old favorite...Cyber colors.
Love the retractable ones, but not a big fan of the pencil ones. I should really throw the pencil ones out.
Eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner
Too bad I always drop the retractable ones and broke the eyeliner inside...I stopped buying cyber color eyeliners after dropping off and breaking quite a few. Thank God they aren't expensive.

Here are some other random brands I have...
Eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner
Red earth pencil eyeliner, I love this particular color but when I put it on, the color's uneven. Yes, another one to throw away.
Maybelline's Define A Line. I love this shade of plum, although it's not dark enough for me. I normally put on another layer of black and treat this as eyeshadow. It's smooth and the color's rich with a little shine. Love it and would love to buy more colors.
Bourjois Waterproof Clubbing Pencil Eyeliner. It doesn't live up to its convincing name. Put this on if you want an extreme smoky smudgy look. It's a pain in the ass to sharpen too, as the pencil part kept "melting".
Bodyshop two color pencil eyeliner. An impulse purchase, I was smitten by the pretty sales rep. These colors are too light for my eyes, but I couldn't bring myself to throw this away. I think of it as a memento of stupid purchase.
Prosays sparkly eyeliner. Love this one. The glitter is a lot finer and sparklier than Sasa. I will definitely buy more of this. I don't wear it as often since I need to put on some mascara to survive the glitter.

You probably noticed that I buy lots of pencil or retractable pencil eyeliner. I don't do well with liquid eyeliner, even the big ones. I had a couple and have thrown them away.
I do love gel eyeliner though. These are my favorites...
Eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner
Some random Japanese brand I bought from Sasa. They're good and inexpensive (HK$79 including a brush?) ! I love how solid the colors of gel eyeliner give. I use this for "special occassions" such as....
Fridays ^_*

Remind me to throw the ones I don't like, they're eating up my tiny storage!

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Pei Lin said...

Oh Rita! We sure share the same woes!!! I started off with pencil ones since they are the easiest to use for a start. But they smudge so bad on my eyes, I switched to MAC gel eyeliner. They are easy to apply but it is almost like my eyelids are oozing are oil that they still smudge! After this pot, I'm definitely moving on to liquid!!! I still have this Shisedo duo-colour pencil eyeliners and the colours are so light, like one of those you have. You know what's the worst thing? I can't even COLOUR it on my eyelid, it is almost like a fake pencil! I can't even get the colour on. Darn! Now throw those crappy ones out!