Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Don't Believe in Natural Beauty

I don't wake up every morning looking fabulous. I generally wake up looking like a zombie. It took a considerable amount of effort for me to look the way I try to look (hopefully rather fresh). Not that much, as I don't have that much time to spare in the morning :p
Anyway, here's my daily make up routine...


In summer, I use Olay white radiance (HK$59 for a big bottle). It makes a perfect base, it evens out skin tone, and gives UV protection. In winter, my skin needs something better or it will crack. I use Laneige's balancing emulsion (HK$139 for a big bottle) for combination skin. It's light yet moisturizing.

I use Nivea repair (approx HK$22/tube), it moisturizes without being too greasy.

PS. Did you notice that my mirror was super dusty?


In summer, I use Fasio's 2-in-1 powder/foundation (HK$99).

...and in winter, I use Fasio's liquid foundation (HK$69) . It provides enough coverage, yet it's light. Plus, it is very affordable.


I love using powder brow color, in brown. Just any generic brand (below HK$50) will do.

PS. Did you notice that my mirror has been cleaned?


I am naturally pale. The only time I get rosy cheeks would be the time I get kinda drunk. So when I am sober, I need some colors to bring my face to life.

I use VOV compact blush (can't remember the price). It's perfect to be left at home, as the packaging isn't exactly tiny. The rosy color is great on my skin, but I might wanna change to something with a lighter scent. This one is too perfumy.

I can't be bothered to play with eye shadow every day, so I just dab a bit of blush on my lids

My eyes. Not only they are single eyelid, they are practically non existent. They are probably the smallest set of eyes I've seen everywhere! This is how I deal with my non eyes.

Draw huge-HUGE lines on the lid! I use not so dark brown daily, as it smudges less than black. I love Cyber Color's gray brown or light brown retractable liner pencil (HK$39). It glides smoothly across my lid, and it doesn't get smudged so easily. I need a minimum of 6mm thick to make it visible when my eyes opened.

See the difference?

I can't be bothered with mascara every day...as they normally irritate my eyes, and with my non existent lashes...they don't help much. I just use them for special occasions, and I might put on fake lashes for very special occasions ;)


A good friend of mine, V, the owner of V Beauty Blog, sent me this fantastic NYX lipstick! The color I tried was Thalia, it's a mix of natural pinkish color with a touch of taupe and berry. It suits my yellow skin perfectly! It moisturizes and it stays put!

...the price is recession-proof (HK$39 including local shipping), and the packaging is super cute! I am thinking to get loads of these for Christmas gifts...but I guess I might end up keeping them for myself (as always) HAHA!
Visit V's Beauty blog and check out more fab products at great prices!

Here's how I look like after the 5-10 minutes make up routine. Hopefully zombie-like no more!


dewi said...

true.. celeb don't wake up like a million bucks as well, it takes a village to look papparazzi ready, lucky you don't need dat much to look good every morning :)

Dita said...

this is so entertaining, darling!!!!

Onik said...

Rita, aku juga suka lisptik NYX yg thalia! warnanya natural. megashine lipgloss yg natural juga bagus banget :)

btw, ada teman yg ke HK tanya titip apa enakan titip apa? yg ngga ada di indonesia dan ngga mahal hehe :p

Anonymous said...

You are just too cute!! I especially love the first picture...so baby-face adorable! Love all the tips...thanks a lot!