Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Committed to Commute

I know we all look good in heels, and I look especially crappy in flats. But I have no choice, my feet can't stand high heeled shoes and I don't practice a "beauty is pain" way of life. Plus, Hong Kong pavement bricked pedestrian walkways aren't made for high heeled shoes. So the above picture shows how I commute to work every day, namely in a pair of super comfy footwear. This particular pair are "Croc" inspired chunky white plastic sandals from Uni Qlo (I forgot how much, I think HK$69), available in a few pastel colors and black.

In the office, I'd put on my pretty heels and shashay my way to success. Hehe.

Shirt = vintage thrifted polka dot shirt (remixed)
Cardigan = blue cotton cardie from Fa Yuen St Market, HK$39
Skirt = H&M cotton floral full skirt, HK$199
Belt = H&M, HK$69
Shoes = Argyle center, HK$79
Bag = H&M, HK$199

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