Monday, April 27, 2009

I Don't Want A Beige Life - Home Makeover

I know life isn't just black and white....but does it have to be all beige? For once, I wanna live a colorful life.

I was talking about my flat. I chose this flat because of the space. I may look tiny, but for Hong Kong standard, it's pretty huge. The above picture shows the hallway where I can keep my oh-so-many-pairs-but-hardly-ever-worn shoes, and that's the estate agent who waited patiently as I measured the flat.

Right by the entrance is a spacious (again, by HK standard) kitchen, with a spectacular sea view. Gosh, I've never had a kitchen with a view. Hope it's gonna inspire me to cook even more. There are problems with this kitchen though. No space indoor to hang dry clothes, no exchaust fan to suck up all the grease above the stove (and impossible to install), and the biggest of all, NO HOT WATER pipe in the sink. Arrrgghghhhhh. I just found out about this when testing the gas activation. Dammit, gotta think of something.

The hallway leads to a living and dining, again, the view is great! You can't see it here, I'll post other pictures later. There will be a sofa bed here for guests.

The dining space can fit a rectangular 4 seater table. Yay! Finally I don't have to use a folding table anymore...and I don't have to remove my laptop/photography lighting every time I need to have dinner, I can have a separate desk! Woohoo!

The bathroom is a standard fare...all new and clean...with a hideous mirror! Yyyyikes! By the way, this is the only room that doesn't have a sea view (sorry for bragging about this all the time, guys. I just never had any view apart from a parking lot/an industrial building before!)

The biggest problem storage whatsoever...where do I keep things? Something has to be done.

Opposite the bathroom there's a smaller bedroom. Normally, if it isn't used as a bedroom, it gets turned into a study. Since I plan to put my computer desk in the living/dining area, this will be a room for my mess. There will be a giant wall to wall, floor to ceiling wardrobe here, and a desk for me to take pictures, and the remaining space is for me to throw my dirty laundry all over.

The bedroom. It fits a queen size bed. Yay! I love huge beds...and I am thinking of owning something old...maybe an antique bedside table?

Now, you noticed that everything's nicely done (if not for the hideous veneered MDF frames and the lightings) in BEIGE. I want some colors, but my ever so thrifty character told me not to waste all these beige, beige, BEIGE wallpapers. However, when else do I get to live in a home which I'd love? Now that I still have the chance and enough fund, let me tear this place down and turn it into something I can call home.

What will I change? Stay tuned!

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