Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick and Easy Solution - Hanging Dry Laundry Indoor

Remember my problem of not having a space to hang dry laundry indoors?
Why do I even want that? Isn't there an outdoor hanger right in front of my kitchen window?
Ehm. I hate such hangers...
1. I think they're dirty
2. There's no way I will clean them
3. My laundry could be gone with the wind
4. Or worse, hit someone on the head and cause legal problems
5. What if it rains?
6. Vertigo? It's a high floor flat

So, I want an indoor hanger. I've consulted a renovation uncle, and there are so many problems which prevent him to come up with a solution (couldn't find metal bar, no walls to install metal bar, the ceiling is covered, can't install metal bar, etc etc etc). Finally found this quick and easy solution. I haven't tested if this detachable hanger is strong enough. Wish me luck!

It's from Price Rite, HK$105/set. The frame is made of plastic, which are just supposed to slip in between window frames, no drilling necessary, removable, extendable, foldable to save space when not being used, and good enough for 1 batch of laundry (mine is around 5 kg/batch). Sounds good to me...hope it works ^_^

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Anonymous said...

hi i am just a random passerby...just wanted to let you know i use that exact same indoor hanger! it's great! i usually hang up about 2 loads of laundry (5-8kg) and it works just fine. it beats hanging clothes outside on a dirty rack :)