Friday, April 17, 2009

Zebra from Bali

Today is smart casual day, and I am wearing my favorite purchase from Bali. A zebra print tube top /dress. It's made of thin cotton, super comfy, and the elastic part of the top sits on and fits my chest perfectly (I hate too small ones). Today I am wearing it with my jeans cos I'll have to be a performing monkey in an office party later, wearing our company's tee. Uh oh! A small cotton cardie is essential to combat the frigid cold air of the office, and the long minimalist gold necklace completed the outfit.

Everything else's remixed, except for the zebra print cotton tube top/dress, from Bali, Rp.35.000,- (it could've been cheaper, but we couldn't stand haggling in the heat and quickly gave up. I just HAD to have it, thanks to my sis who let me keep this hehe)

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Vonnie said...

aww nak aku ga pantes pake baju setrip2