Friday, April 24, 2009

Homeless' Creative Madness

This shop just drives me crazy! Ridiculous! Ridiculous! How could these people think of these ideas, it's just beyond me. I especially love this paper cup lookalike dust bin (I am not sure if the same paper cups are used in other countries, but those from/have been to Hong Kong might recognize this). I don't use dust bin, but if I did, I must definitely purchase this. This will also make a nice lamp shade, no?

Brilliant concept. Saving money for emergency....chocolate bars?

Freak your visitors out with IV lookalike shampoo/soap holder, wow em with invisible towel holder and listen to music out of giant earphone shaped speakers.

It was amazing how I stopped myself from buying EVERYTHING, including the super cute designer-esque shop keeper.

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Vonnie said...

ndek mana ini rit??