Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mismatched Shoespidity

You know how committed I am to commuting. So, I kept a couple pairs of shoes at work, while I wear comfy sandals. This shoespidity happens to me ALL THE TIME.

On hectic days at work, I try not to go to bathroom too often, and many times when I really really really have to go, I'd quickly slip my feet into a pair of shoes, and dash to the bathroom, feeling slightly weird, but I couldn't point my finger on what....until I got to the bathroom, looked down and found that I was wearing mismatched shoes. No wonder I walked weird. Thank God for cubicles and people trying to look busy by staring intently into their computer monitors. My shoespidity always went unnoticed (although I normally go to visit my friends to show it off. Boy, I AM shameless).

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Meg said...

Just found your blog, and i think i'm hooked! I lived in HK as a child and loved it... you pictures are making me nostalgic! Anyway, love your style, and am feeling your shoe pain. As one who used to commute a lot I had the same issue. The bottom drawer of my filing cabinet at work was all shoes...