Friday, January 8, 2010

Do These Labels Bother You Too?

I remove almost all of these off my clothes.
It's not that I am ashamed of my size.
It's not that I am embarrassed by my clothes' labels.
But they ITCH like heck!

I believe that...I'm not the only one?
Or am I?


Coffee and Vanilla said...

Definitely you are not the only one, I remove labels from everything, especially shirts and trousers, those labels on inside always scratch my skin... a while ago I even developed constant wound on my "back" because of them.

Happy New Year Rita!


6p00d8341d6c2753ef said...

Don't worry, I do it too. For my clothes as well as my daughter's.

Jackie said...

Totally. I'm with you, girl. I also cut off those little bits of ribbon that are supposed to help you hang up dresses and tops and things, because they only pop out the sides of the top/dress and look like you have weird spaghetti coming out of your armpits! Useful thing for your closet: hangers with clips for skirts, trousers and tops/dresses which you cut the useless ribbon out of. x

Ashley said...

Oh yeah, I usually remove those little buggers!

LiLi said...

no, you're not the only one. heheheh they really are itchy.